The Digital Economy is growing very fast.
Doing Business Online is all about being found.
Can buyers find you?

People decide based on the Top Search Engine results, the rest are in trouble. Our SEO Services work hard to solve the problem. Many websites owners are losing money because nobody can find their business online. We provide SEO Services and Web Traffic Services so you experience what doing business online is all about. Even advertising is more expensive when your pages are not fully optimized. Discover how we have helped other to find success online.

Living the Digital Connection

Thanks to Digital we are all connected. Everybody carries a mobile phone. And smartphones are becoming smarter, let us connect with the ones we love and find the things we want.

That is the Digital Economy where we buy from across the world in seconds, pay a bill or watch our friends and family birthday party.

The old physical borders are becoming blurry and we are evolving as one humankind, living on one planet.

Be found on


Website Audits

The first step is to audit your current situation. Google and other search engines must understand your website otherwise they will ignore it.

Content Audit

Optimizing your content and your Digital Presence are crucial steps to win visibility on the eCommerce Marketplace.

Social SEO

Visibility on Social Networks is vital for your business. But it must be done as a business, otherwise, you are another consumer.

SEO Advice

SEO is a great long term growth strategy.
Did you know there are different flavours of SEO?
Local, Regional, International


Declan Barry MD ATEX

I have worked with Luis on improving our SEO with in our target market. The results are very satisfactory, he has stayed with in our agreed budget and he understands our needs even in the specialist field of Explosion Hazards. I will continue to use Luis and have no hesitation in recommending him to other colleagues.

– Declan Barry MD ATEX

Garrett McCarthy

I have worked with Luis on a regular basis this year and have found him to be an expert in his field of SEO. He has helped us a lot to develop our website and our ability to reach out to new clients over the internet. I would have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone seeking advice.

– Garrett McCarthy

Derek Finlay Director of Operations & Sales

At Wood Comms we have used Luis services for over a year now. Luis professionalism and knowledge of the digital marketing area is second to none. He has proved to be an integral member of our team in driving our business forward.

– Derek Finlay DCE

Keith Mahony MD Wood Communications Communications

Luis has worked for Wood Communications for a number of years now in managing our Digital presence online. I have always found Luis to be very accessible and thorough in his methodologies in delivering a very professional service. He has in depth knowledge of SEO and PPC campaigns to mention and lots more from the front end to the back end of websites . I have no issue in recommending Luis to any other company in trying to get some more visibility online with a view to growing revenues long term. One thing to remember is that in achieving results you get what you input into the process, and you have to dedicate some time and efforts in achieving your goals. If you require any further details in relation to Luis please feel free to reach out to me at any point and time.

– Keith Mahony ECSE

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