Upgrade your website to WordPress 5.5

WordPress 5.5 speed, search, and security

How to smoothly upgrade your WordPress website to version 5.5

Your website is your business online so you want to be sure everything is running and keeps running as clockwork after the update.

Consider these facts:

  • a large number of errors/issues has been fixed since version 5.4
  • WordPress version 5.5 focus on three especially important aspects online businesses
  • speed (faster is better)
  • search (discover what is inside your website)
  • security (close the door to the bad guys)


The steps are as follows:

  1. Take a full backup of your website, posts, images, scripts, etc. Everything and keep it separated from your hosting account.
  2. Disable all plugins
  3. Upgrade WordPress to version 5.5
  4. One by one enable all plugins, and test for incompatibilities and updates
  5. Double check front end (What you see as your website) and the back-end, (where all the parts are put together)
  6. Consider running a speed test with Google insights and WebPageTest.org o evaluate the performance of your website
    Hint your web pages, all of them, should load in about 1.5 Secs. 2 Sec max.
    The longer it takes to load the bigger the number of visitors your website has lost.
  7. Backup your website again and keep it separated from your hosting account.

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Luis Gellon
SEO Digital Consultant

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